Junker Darba


AC: 16 (10 base + 3 class + 3 dex)
Touch: 16
Flat-footed: 13

Fort: +3 (0 class + 1 con + 2 racial)
Ref: +5 (2 class + 3 dex)
Will: -1 (Yeaaaaahhh….)

Initiative: +3 (3 dex)

Knowledge (Streetwise): (1 rank + 2 int)
Knowledge (Wilderness Lore): (1 rank + 2 int)
Knowledge (Engineering): 6 (4 ranks + 2 int)
Listen: 1 (2 ranks – 1 wis)
Survivial: 1 (2 ranks – 1 wis)

Darba’s shotgun is a custom-made slugthrower. It can fire slugs or pellets. When firing slugs, the range increment is 30ft. When firing pellets, it fires in a 20ft cone. Both attacks do 2d8. The slugthrower can hold 20 of these cartridges before needing to reload. Upon rolling a 1 or a 2, the gun breaks, but is still usable. It’s worth noting that, despite all this, there’s still a big ol’ rusty knife taped to the front of the shotgun.

Slugthrower Shotgun +3
2d8 30ft/20ft cone
Misfire (1-2)

Knife +0

Darba, being a trained producer of absolute garbage weapons, can choose to lower the DC of a craft check. Doing so makes the finished product come out with some…quirks.


Junker Darba, as he’s popularly known, is a member of a militia that tries to interrupt the activities of Czerka Corporation. Darba’s role is to produce the weapons for the militia, but, since he is typically pressed on time, the weapons he produces tend to be of a lesser quality. Darba’s own weapon, his signature shotgun, has been taped and soldered and brazed after numerous conflicts.

At a time in his life, Darba was riding shotgun across the stars with Markus, at which time he accidentally destroyed Maruks’ engine. Darba fled for his life.

Junker Darba

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